Cafe: Hello zOh, (or therealzOh for all you purists out there) thanks for taking the time to talk with us! We’re excited to delve into the depths of your creativity, but first, I’d like to get to know you a bit better.

How long have you been in the 3D game and  what prompted you to start?

zOh: Ah, a little over a year and a half now. I started about when covid started.

I’ve always been a fan of art: 3d art, and nsfw art in particular, but I kind of just decided to try my hand at it. I quickly discovered I loved it so I dedicated myself to it in a way that I’ve never really dedicated myself to anything else before.

Cafe: That is, honestly, freaking incredible! I’ve only talked to a handful of creators who’ve been around for such a short while and have achieved such quality. Well done!

Now, it says on your twitter page that you create sexy, classy, skanky stuff, haha. That is certainly true: your work has a certain polish to it that belies the time you’ve spent doing it. What are some of your inspirations, and how would you describe your creative process?

zOh: A lot of my inspiration comes from 2D rule34 pinup artists: Sakimichan, Dandonfuga, Logan cure, etc…

My creative process is very subject-focused in that way. I think about the subject and maybe sometimes the overall compositional look and then build environmental details and lighting around them, rather than others who may have the opposite process of building an environment and placing a subject within it.

Cafe: That’s quite interesting; there seems to be quite a few 3D creators who are inspired by more traditional mediums. A lot of people want to separate 3D from everything else, but in the end, many of the same processes are used. 

Now, as far as I’m concerned, your work is perfect. Bright, surrealistic, but still well within the realm of believability in context. Is there anything you feel you could improve on or any aspect you find particularly challenging?

zOh: I struggle a lot with environments but so do a lot of artists who do similar things.

I think the biggest challenge for me is leaving my comfort zone with portrait-style images and doing just totally different things. I’ve tried occasionally with more cinematic compositions or weirder concepts but it’s definitely not easy.

I know people also want more hardcore stuff out of me, but I find it hard to finish stuff of that sort; I just lose interest.

Cafe: I can think of a few long running creators who do very well just sticking to pin-up/portrait style renders. There’s always a plethora of consumers clamoring for hardcore content, but they’ve got a ton of other options out there, haha. There’s nothing worse than trying to create something you’re just not vibing with!

Speaking of breaking out of your comfort zone, however, do you have any projects or big plans for the upcoming year?

zOh: Haha, nothing big per se.

Another series with the k/da girls like the k/da strippers, some new characters.

Honestly, it’s all up in the air right now since im restructuring my Patreon at the end of the year to include more feedback from fans, and I may or may not open commissions as well

Cafe: How exciting! This is definitely the time to do it: I’m happy to see that your Patreon page is doing so well!

If things keep taking off, would you consider doing 3D as a full time job?

zOh: Oh yes, absolutely. It’d be a dream come true to make a living wage off of this and do it full time. I think it’s achievable but it will take time and dedication

Cafe: Agreed! You have everything you need to make it happen: we believe in you!

Last question here, to put the cherry on this awesome interview. (thanks for being so great!) It’s a question I ask often, because I usually can’t guess the answer!

Sometime in the future, in a perfect world where money is no object and there’s nothing stopping you but yourself, where would you see your art going?

zOh: I mean, I  think my art would still be the same stylistically. I’m not currently stopped by money or anything, and I love what I do, so I’d still be making similar things but the quality would improve, I guess; from various factors including time and computing resources.

Sorry that I have no grand aspirations here, lol.

Cafe: Hey there’s nothing wrong with that! If you’re having a great time doing what you do, and clearly your fans are loving every second of it, I see no reason to change. Some creators have “take over the world” plans and some put out consistently high quality eye candy that literally never gets old. I’m sincerely glad that you’ve fallen into this hobby of yours so easily and quickly!

Thank you so much for your time. We appreciate the perspective and the inspiration, and we wish you all the best in your journey. Looking forward to more!

If you’re looking for dazzling, sexy, classy pin-ups, zOh should be high on your list! Check out their Twitter page to class up your feed with R34 goodness, and check out their regularly updated Patreon, where they offer alts, early access, and Discord benefits!