You all know the Merovingian. (If you don’t, where have you been all your life? The man’s a legend, you must check out his content right now! After reading this, that is, ahem.) Today, NGP presents his latest release, which happens to be a first from the artist. That’s right, just as the title says, we proudly introduce The Audition, the Merovingian’s first dickgirl title! So strap on and unbuckle, because this fine piece of erotica will sure leave an impression you’ll never forget.

Put That Dick On Her Resume

It can be though, getting through college. So much stuff to pay for, and minimum wage positions will definitely not cut it… But don’t worry! Tabita, a gothic girl full of piercings and of life, will do whatever it takes to make ends meet. She has a charming personality, an insanely attractive body, and… a bit of a surprise under her skirt. All that’s left for her is to find someone who will be interested in her… talents, and it seems to be that today is the day!

She gets to the literal casting couch for her next work opportunity, but it seems like the recruiters aren’t as interested in her background as they are in her backside… And there goes Tabita the bold, proving that she isn’t just a pretty face. She can swallow massive dicks like it’s nothing, and take those schlongs up her ass if the gentlemen so please. And so, the audition begins.

Blow Job Description

Tabita is determined to prove herself, and let us tell you, she has all it takes – because she takes all they have! She’ll get ass fucked, throat fucked, spit roasted and played with to the recruiters’ content. Tabita will show outstanding foot performance and get gangbanged until all her holes are dripping with cum. Will she get the job? Our money says she will! Have your saying at her application with this one-shot episode featuring 95 steamy images in all their futa glory.