Frideld: First of all, we’d like to know what projects you’re working on right now. Tell us what to expect soon from you.

  • Xide: Ooh, there’s quite a lot I’m always working on. However, my biggest projects right now are getting the first volume of my comic finished. I’m also starting a futa comic that has a very interesting story line that I think many will enjoy, and I’ve also started working on a new elf series.

F: Tell us a little more about the comic, just to get people pumped.

  • X: Well, the main story is about a nerdy freshman college girl who is trying to discover her sexuality, it has many side characters with their own stories as well but all of the stories end up intertwining together. So there is a lot of lesbian as well as some straight sex in the comic. I’m working on the 2nd half of it now which will include some very big plot twists.

    Each chapter has been on average about 80 pages, and I’ve done about 7 chapters so far. When the first volume is finished I plan to have around 12-13 chapters. After than I plan to revise my characters and add some new ones that I’ve been working on for volume 2.

F: That’s amazing! We’ll be looking forwards to it. Finally, would you give us a little teaser on your elf series?

  • X: Sure… I have released a few solo sets of my elf series so far, but it will also be a comic as well once I get the main characters finished. I always do a solo set of each character first just to see how my fans react to them, so once the core characters are finished I will start writing up a story line and begin putting them into scenes together.

This is my elf princess.

This is a water elf. (I plan to have other elemental elves as well.)

This is a test render I did last night of a new elf I started to work on.

F: Those look great. Thanks for sharing with us!