Cafe: Thank you so much for taking the time to catch up with us, X3rr4! Before I ask about what you’re working on, I’d really like to know what some of your recent inspirations have been.

X3rr4: After Rain with Kate is my first set with a character inspired by the creations of the artist MikeeJ, whom I met on DeviantArt. Usually I stick to characters I create entirely on my own. Also, I wanted to create something done in a low light environment, because a 3D veteran told me that I am really good with those kinds of scenes. So, After Rain is basically a merge of two influencers.

Cafe: That’s awesome! I really enjoyed the almost ‘noir’ backdrop of After Rain; your style is absolutely perfect for sultry, smokey scenes.

We’re excited to hear about what you’ve got planned next: can you give us some insight into any of your upcoming projects?

X3rr4: I probably will disappoint some of the NGP readers now, but I actually returned to continuing my Visual Novel “Hanna Futile Resistance”. People are demanding updates to it and me doing comics and image sets was only caused by having huge troubles with the writers, whom I depend on for turning my ideas into text. So, there are currently no plans for doing new comics… But you can find the first episode of “Hanna Futile Resistance” for free on NGP! After releasing the next episode and depending on how people will react to it, I might return to doing comics/image sets.

Cafe: I don’t think the news is going to disappoint anyone: a visual novel is a huge undertaking that usually results in an incredible product. I’m sure the wait will be well worth it! For now, we will content ourselves with your current sets, and I sincerely hope you’re able to work out all of the contingencies without too much of a headache.
Once again, we are exceedingly grateful for your time, and we look forward to your future masterpieces!

Check out X3rr4’s newest masterpiece “After Rain” and be sure to check out the first chapter of “Hanna Futile resistance” for the awesome price of FREE!

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