Cafe: Hello Wolfie! Man, it’s been a super long time since we last spoke, what a crazy year it’s been! We’re excited to see that you’ve been continuing with your work, and may I say, you’re getting better all the time!

Thanks for agreeing to have a catch up with us. We want to hear all about your recent and upcoming work, but first, I’d like to hear a little something straight from the “wolf’s” mouth: how has your recent work been inspired and how would you say your art direction has changed over the past year?

Wolfie: Hey Solitary! First of all, thanks for getting back to me and for the opportunity to have another Interview! 2021 was as much as 2020: a pretty crazy year and it’s still going on with everything that has happened! 

Good first question, wow…well, to be completely honest, 2021 was probably, not only for me, a real struggle. Work has been a lot, more mentally than physically. So I likely did less art and sometimes, when I came home, I just wanted to do something else that took my mind off of things, you know? 

What mostly inspires me are things that I see on the Internet like Instagram or Twitter, for example. When I find something that really gets my interest I try to recreate it. The other things are the commissions I do. Until October I did them on a monthly basis on Patreon, but decided to put them on hiatus for ‘TBD’ so I can catch up on them, because I really fell behind on them. 

In terms of art direction, I wanted to go from a studio photo-shoot setting, to a more natural, daily life setting, with natural lighting and normal rooms, like these ones for example:

Cafe: Absolutely stunning, gorgeous renders. You capture the sexy and sophisticated balance so well.

I appreciate your honesty. It can be easy for a consumer (like myself) to forget that creators have all sorts of things that can impede their work and progress. Despite the struggle, you’ve managed to put out plenty of pieces like these, all with a universal appeal!

So, here’s the big question: tell us about your most recent works (favorites if you’ve got any!) and what you’ve got set to release in the near future!

Wolfie: My most recent work would be (including those above)  these 2. I do have smaller backstories for my OCs, but also like to picture them in different settings. Like Faye being the boss’s bitchy Daughter who loves to abuse her position and make you do things that you’re maybe not comfortable with. Like serving her in peculiar ways, starting with a foot massage or perhaps other things.

The second one is featuring Nika, rocking a red swimsuit or nothing at all… this one was done for a follower/supporter and buddy who I talk to on Discord. He shared some pictures for inspiration and I decided to take one and make it a birthday render for him.  

Regarding future projects, I am currently working on something, or better said, got back to working on it again and redoing most of the renders. I am rather slow when it comes to posing and pushing out renders, so I am nowhere near a real artist that does monthly comics or even an AVN ( Adult Visual Novel ). I currently count around 50 renders done for it and finished it will probably have around 150. Maybe a little less or more. We’ll see!

Cafe: That’s amazing! Fantastic stuff you’ve got here.

Just my opinion, of course, take it or leave it, but I see you as every bit a ‘real artist’ as anyone else, in some cases more so, with quality like this. I’d take the quality over quantity any day of the week!

Last question here, and feel free to add anything else you’d like! If you had the time, money/resources to do absolutely whatever you wanted to do with your work, what would you be interested in focusing on?

Wolfie: Good question, probably, if I had more money to pay some people, I would buy a bunch of GPU’s, maybe a second pc for rendering, and get me a writer who helps me with writing down some good stories. I would really love to do an AVN that pictures the daily life of my OCs. Maybe even add someone who does the coding as well, since I only did it once and I’ll probably get lost once the codes get too big, haha! 

Well, here are some shots I did for unfinished or untitled things I haven’t posted because of insecurity and not knowing if people would actually like it.

Cafe: Wonderful! Good answers, all of them. Thank you again for your time and we look forward to seeing more of your jaw dropping works! You deserve all the best!

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