It’s of basic human nature to see a gorgeous woman, her perky busts standing proudly and her curvy anatomy outlined in the sunset, and to think to oneself: wouldn’t it be super hot to see her grow a massive dick and start fucking her girlfriends until they get stuffed with enough cum to knock up an entire village? Yes, yes indeed, my friend, it would be hot as hell to see her like that. That’s why Brynhildr is here, gifting us with even more futa goodness, now with a bit of femboy sprinkled on top, just to add spice!

Rule 34 Is Now Rule Thirty-MOAR

As a follow-up to their hit, Futanari Collection, depicting massively popular video game girls, dickgirlified and going at it, Brynhildr’s Futanari Collection 2 is a wonderful selection of 42 4K images of pure futa juiciness, with all the fleshy sensuality and daring female power that Brynhildr’s renders exude. Here you will find even more pinups, explicit sex scenes, and plenty of thick, dripping futa cum. Dicks will go anywhere: wet pussies, puckering assholes stretchier than a yoga bimbo, hungry mouths, it’s gonna be a girl cock party and you’re invited to watch!

To All The Femboys I’ve Loved Before

Since we’re all for gender equality, we believe that cute boys should be lewded just as much as their female counterparts. So, for the first time in the Futanari Collection, this instalment includes a few femboy renders for your viewing pleasure. For all of you who enjoy this content, or are feeling a bit naughty and adventurous, here are the boys, ready to get your blood pumping.

Get your hands now on Brynhildr’s latest release on NGP, Futanari Collection 2, featuring a slew of popular characters in the artist’s signature style!


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