It’s always a delight to welcome a brand new artist to the site, and our dedicated readers can definitely agree! And what better way to start your NGP presence that with a bang? As in, a well-hung futanari banging a stripper! Hell yeah, everybody welcome our new artist, Xalas, stunning animator and creator! Now is the perfect opportunity to take a look at their work by checking out their first product, a 13+ minute long, full motion, full voice acting and hella sexy animation: Futarotica!

When Girls Get Lucky

Gorgeous stripper girl Saphire sure has an eye for well-hung dickgirls. As soon as brunette futa Tilda walks into the bar, she knows she wants to dance on that meat pole. It doesn’t take much convincing to invite her to a more private place, where they can ditch their clothes and get to the business. Tilda will demonstrate that her huge cock is certainly a thing to remember, as she shoves it up every hole Saphire can offer, giving her an experience for the times. Once Saphire sees the love rod Tilda is sporting, she can’t wait to greet it with a blowjob, just to get the engines running, and then…

A Woman Well On Her Feet

Saphire truly has experience climbing that pole with those feet, so why not show Tilda her skills? The futa will be pleased to see how eager the stripper is to give her a top class footjob (or maybe two?) to make sure she’s all hard and good for the ride. They do the good old fashioned dirty deeds, but Tilda knows that big ass that fell on her lap can’t go without attention, so she throws a little anal in the mix, just for flavour.

Check out now Xalas’ stunning video animation, Futarotica, and give them a warm, wet welcome to our site!



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