There are many who fantasize about fucking demon women: those horns, those tits…that tail! But the truth is…could we really handle them? Do we have the stamina and willpower to fulfill their insatiable lust, and could we survive the process of being turned into a sex crazed demon ourselves?

Let’s consult Morfium’s latest release, ‘Virtra and Kyla: The Initiation’ to find out!

Demon sisters Liria and Virtra have a somewhat nasty habit: they like to lure beautiful women into joining their sex villa! Of course, if you read the previous chapters, you’ll discover that simply drawing women in isn’t enough for the depraved siblings. The succubi are hell-bent on training and evolving their fuck toys into the ultimate sexual slaves, and even though they are reliant on the sexual energy that can be gleaned from their prey, they have no problem mixing business with pleasure.

The sisters’ victims become something far more than human, and it is once again time to initiate a new ‘turned’ into the fold, a job which the powerful, hoofed Virtra takes ever so seriously, though not without some haughty overconfidence. 

After showing her newest recruit, Kyla, around the facility, Virtra initiates an organized orgy. It’s a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, since the succubus is just in time to ‘collect’ a debt (a delicious young woman) from an acquaintance. The villa’s most faithful fuck slut, Dolly, is more than happy to help break in the two others. Kyla has already been transformed into a demon, and though she lacks the experience of her mistress, she’s eager to show off!

After receiving their instructions, Dolly goes to work on Kyla while Virtra dotes on her dismayed plaything, teasing her and reminding her that her father is to blame for her predicament. The girl doesn’t seem to mind all that much, especially when she sees something massive rising up from between Virtra’s legs… 

Meanwhile, Kyla has a hard time not succumbing (pun intended) to Dolly’s expert cock handling. Even though Kyla has been newly transformed, it seems she has a lot to learn before she can handle a 120 year old professional sex maiden!

Not just monster sex: demon sex!

Complete with a text and textless version (and a small intro) This gigantic 129 image set features so much content, it’s hard to know where to start, but lemme start with this: HORSE COCK! That’s right, NGP has an exclusive horse cock version of this comic, complete with ball licking and jizz blasting! Otherwise? Ahegao, deepthroating, mild cum inflation, tummy bulges…man, it’s hard to list Morfium’s themes because there’s so many! There are some incredible perspective shots (a specialty of Morfium’s) and some exceptional side by side scenes that really help bring the story together.

Did I mention the rare and fabled beast known as tail cock? No? Don’t know what that is? (where have you been?) Virtra will be more than happy to show you! It’s easy for a demon futa to fuck two chicks when she’s packing long, flexible heat in the back, and if you were wondering if it was loaded, well… why don’t you ask the cum stuffed, jizz soaked Dolly when the succbus is finished with her? 


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