We love 3D girls, (obviously) and many of us are huge fans of futa! As a genre, futanari has probably seen the most explosive growth (literally and figuratively) in 3DX versus any other medium over the last decade or so.

There are a ton of reasons for that, many of which we’ve discussed before, (ahem: link) But what is seldom discussed is the general lack of black characters in the history of 3DX. Now, I’m not here to talk politics, point fingers or blame anyone, I’m just here to talk about beautiful 3DX girls and make a few observations!

I’ve noticed that the futa genre, perhaps more so than other genres, has been collectively making a big push towards ethnic inclusion recently.

Futanari is already so fluid: it makes sense that its themes would lend itself to such a push. Even though it’s been subtle, it’s quite noticeable, and I, for one, am outrageously excited about it!

I wanted to take some time to highlight a few artists and wow over their amazing black characters. Many of these characters are new, or brand new, which makes me even more excited to share them!

Jordan Tyrell by The Dude

Making her debut as The Dude’s first technical dickgirl, Jordan is just…wow. I don’t want to give too much away, but this buxom British beauty doesn’t have any problem showing us her assets, and why would she??

If you check out The Dude’s patreon, you can find a bunch of new individual renders featuring Jordan, as well as some more info about her :).

The Dude has officially announced her as part of the ‘lust unleashed’ cast, and boy oh boy, I am jittery with excitement to see her getting at those hungry futa bimbos!

Agent Red Girls’ Tara & Alicia Biggs

This smoking hot mother/daughter duo make a cameo appearance at the end of the “Doe dick” animation. They’re both pornstars and head up “The Wet Peach” brothel. They’ve got no problem embracing (and using) their generous assets, and they seem more than eager to service any of their patrons. 

We’ll definitely be seeing more of them in the future as ARGs “Amy’s Big Wish” series continues…hopefully we’ll get to see a lot more of them, if you know what I mean!

Lewd Futasy’s Ashley, Sabine & Leah

Futasy actually has an entire cast of jaw droppingly gorgeous ebony gals. Futasy isn’t afraid to put some muscle on some of them, either, as shown by Ashley. If you’re into pin-ups, sexy pairings and different sized, multi-ethnic futas losing their loads all over each other, Futasy’s work is a must!

Futasy offers custom renders of their OCs on their patreon, and we’ve even got a comic featuring Ashley and Futasy’s petite Japanese futa, Kimiko!

As time goes on and various skin tone assets become more available, we’re bound to see an uptick in more ethnically diverse characters. Only good things can come of that! More variety means more creativity, which in turn, means more sex! 


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