VR! It’s one of those terms you see a lot of these days. From cell phones to consoles to more elaborate PC rigs, it’s impossible to go far without seeing the ambiguous and multifaceted term. It can get a little confusing, what with all the hype and advertising, but at the end of the day, there are really only 3 kinds of VR.

Non-immersive VR

Morfium – Shay’s Special Training (intro set)

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly consuming non-immersive VR. If you’re playing a regular ol’ video game, you’re engaging in a virtual reality of sorts. Because it’s so common, no one in their right mind considers it, ‘VR’: just thought I’d state the obvious yet overlooked!


3DZen – Bounty Hunter Arie- Episode 2

This is where most VR sits these days. If you’ve got a console VR set, then you’re familiar with how basic yet interesting it can be. Games are usually straightforward; most involve some movement (usually head pivoting) and arm motions. Some of the intermediate to advanced sets will allow for limited movement within a small area.

This is also where most POV VR porn videos sit. Some allow for movement(pitch, really) of the head to get a different angle, but the options are usually fairly limited.

Fully immersive

GoldenMaster – Sex Patrol 1 – Hot Greek Baths

This is the cutting edge stuff that still costs bongo bucks. We’re talking treadmills, suspension kits, gloves, speakers, the works. Access to this kind of equipment is quite limited, due to the hefty price tag, but if you’re curious, you should look up some videos. There’s some awesome stuff, including flying simulations, fighting and immersive first person puzzle solving. There’s not a lot of porn to accompany these crazy expensive rigs, for obvious reasons, but it’s only a matter of time.

It’s almost like I’m there!

LanasyKroft – Dakota Foxwell – Mission Finding Alayna

Speaking of porn (don’t we always?), there’s been a fairly popular surge in VR porn within the last decade. As the cost of equipment goes down, porn studios have been investing and experimenting with more interesting POVs and interactive scenes. Instead of just watching people have sex, the idea is that you get to pretend to be apart of it!

On a consumer level, headsets have come waaay down in cost. What used to cost thousands can now be had for hundreds, or even a few bucks if you consider smartphone headsets. This means that regular people (like me) can try it out (if they feel so inclined) without dropping a veritable fortune.

Of course, no matter how immersive these products may be, they suffer from the same problem all live action porn does: they are limited to real life.

3D to the rescue

DitzyDoesDigital – Experiment 154 – Offplanet Orgasm

So once again, 3D comes to fill the niche in the only way it knows how: with limitless possibilities and reality defying physics.

Somewhat surprisingly, for how well the medium lends itself to VR, 3D VR porn is still in its relative infancy. Even with all the resources 3D creators have, there’s not a whole lot of artists who focus on it.

This is probably due to several factors, if I were to hazard a few educated guesses.

First, there’s not a whole lot of demand for it. Sure, tons of people have VR sets these days, but how many people use them for purposes other than gaming?

Second, 3D creators are required to approach their craft in an entirely different light when dealing with VR. The entire concept of VR revolves around the first person aspect, which is nearly the opposite of a still render. The goal is to immerse the consumer, either directly or as a floating being. Because of this, many VR creators focus more on helping traditional 3D artists turn their works into a full 360 degree experience.

It can also take way longer to render VR (think 3 dimensions) so many artists are either intimidated by the idea or simply don’t want to invest the time, understandably.

Just how ‘immersive’ are we talking?

Naama – Sex Toys 3

Quite a number of recent 3D animations give you the ability to control the camera during loops; some even let you zoom in and out. True VR takes it a step further and creates two separate ‘stereoscopic’ images, one for each eye, to add real (at least stereo) depth to the immersion. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the short version. The result can be surreal and trippy, and it’s easier to experience than to describe.

Take a look at AlexGoldxx, for example. This artist focuses completely on VR clips, like ‘Sex in Space’. Who doesn’t like the idea of a cute alien chick giving a blowjob? This work is a great example of how interesting even one angle can be with VR.

Want to add a little motion to your experience? Check out Lewdfraggy’s game ‘Waifu simulator’. Besides having motion control capabilities, the game allows for the loading of MMD (MikuMikudance) files for endless character customization.

As of right now, there are only a few thousand 3DVR clips in existence.That may sound like a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the amount of non-VR sets and animations out there.

As always, every great thing has to start out small. There’s a huge potential market for new VR content, and tons of enthusiasts who have yet to discover that 3DVR is their thing! If you’re a creator looking to break into the next big movement, VR may just be the thing you’re looking for. 

Just remember to keep both eyes set on the prize ;).


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