Unified with Pride

Hands down (or up!) the most exciting thing about 3DX is how it gives creators a nearly limitless medium to express fantasy and sexuality. Renders can bring all of us together, and we can discover new kinks and horizons that we might not have considered otherwise! Speaking of new, we’ve recently taken on a very talented artist, The Lost Boyz, and despite the name, you’re gonna want to find their work, especially if you enjoy iconic lesbian pairings of the…jinkies nature!

Now, lesbian pairings are well and good, but here, we have something relatively rare in the realm of 3D porn: an honest to blog, outrageously sexy, trans-centric comic!

First time jitters

The Lost Boyz brings the action hard and fast in this fully texted set! If you’ve been looking for some steamy alternative 3DX that’s wonderfully rendered and realistically presented, go get yourself some small breasted goodness!

Turns out that after sucking a huge cock and receiving a massive facial, Jesse is a natural! The only thing she enjoys more than blasted with warm cum is the feeling of having her ass stuffed! Virginity lost, and in the most enjoyable way possible? Check and check!