Ah, Redrobot3D, you did it again. You served quality, sexiness and steaminess in equal parts, pleasing fans of Resident Evil and Rule34 across the board. Because, let’s be honest, dickgirl Lady Dimitrescu is a stunning view, but for those who want to see a powerful vampire pussy get pleased by a fearing yet horny S.T.A.R.S. member, Bio Evil – The Mansion is a godsent to say the least! Let’s dive into Redrobot3d’s latest, 51-page comic chapter featuring Jill Valentine facing her literal “biggest” challenge yet!

Jill Seems To Have A Thing For Size

Right? It can’t be just us seeing it. First the Nemesis (whose monster cock we’re sure Miss Valentine has become quite close with), and now, the Tall Vampire Lady herself? One would think that the busty supercop is purposely getting herself in the way of large, horny creatures. Not like it bothers us, in the slightest!

This time, at a fancy dwelling in a secluded location, Jill will find that not everything is cold in a vampire’s body. She’ll soon be overpowered by the Lady herself, who will eat her mouth and show her without a trace of a doubt who’s the strongest of the two. Soon, Miss Valentine will find herself naked, while Lady Dimitrescu strips down to her fancy lingerie to receive Jill’s service.

Who’s The Juiciest?

Prisoner or not, Jill’s a supercop, so she’ll show the Vampire Lady how well she can handle the situation! Meaning, how much pleasure she can provide when the situation calls for it. This lesbian confrontation turned love wrestling match, and those vampire huge tits won’t intimidate Jill, who’ll prove herself and her fisting abilities, but watch out for Lady Dimitrescu giving her a forced cunnilingus while reminding her who’s the largest woman in the room! Will Jill be able to endure this situation or will she be mind broken by the pleasure?