Summer Essentials

Ah summer: the hottest season of the year would be incomplete without pool parties, bikinis, and a few wardrobe malfunctions. Lucky for us, one of the masters of contemporary straight 3DX, X3rr4, has got a dazzling new set that features all this and much more!

Sunny Exposure

The star of X3rr4’s fully developed VN universe, Hanna, gets roped into some sexy shenanigans by her friends…unsurprisingly! When Suri and Trix convince her to join them in a bikini contest, “Miss Sunny Beach”, Hanna agrees easily enough, thinking it’s all fun and games. Of course, she has no idea that the two are playfully jealous of her curves (and want to see more!), and she goes in front of the judges innocently…all while her friends conspire against her!

Ever wonder how a girl can win a bikini contest…without a bikini? Hanna makes it very obvious as a winner’s sash is thrown over her glorious tits, but it seems like the judges were a little too impressed by her feminine display. Egged on by her new friends, Hanna is blindfolded and sneakily set up for her ‘prize’, ultimately thrusted into a group gangbang session that’s sure to be the highlight of her summer! Her lesbian leaning friends are more than happy to join in on all the oral fun, but the fireworks don’t really go off until Hanna gets a spit roast 69! How’s that for finishing in first place?

When it comes to realistic skin textures, mature, sophisticated women and raucous lovemaking, X3rr4 always delivers the goods, and this gorgeous, 4K set is no exception!