Summer Starters

As half the world heats up, so too, do we keep getting hot new creators! We’re stoked to introduce yet another up and coming renderer: Tristan Q Everett!

What better way to kick off the summer heat than with a trip to the beach? And what trip to the beach would be complete without beautiful babes, bikinis, and…those babes losing their bikinis?

Stealing the show

Tristan debuts with this saucy, summer-sweet number, “Piper’s Adventures: The Bikini Thief”. The title only tells half the story, and the other half, well, it has a lot to do with Piper’s glorious big tits!

Even superheroes need vacations from time to time, but when Piper Pearle is sunbathing, an unexpected…and rather adorable, enemy rears his floofy head. At first, Piper is excited to see the cute dog, but she quickly realizes that wait…the little stinker ran off with her top!

When she walks off to find the preposterous pup, she hears an odd sound coming from behind a mobile beach bar. It’s supposed to be a private beach, for superheroes only, so who could possibly be…oh my!

Super sharp 4k, huge tits, blowjob hungry chicks and voyeuristic masturbation? What more could you ask from this delicious 77 image set! If you’ve been looking for some sweet straight content that mixes comedy with lovely textures and well detailed models, Tristan’s stuff is looking promising! What kind of powers does Piper have if this thick dicked hunk can make people horny just by being around? We’re simply gonna have to keep our tops on for part 2!