Somehow, we’ve made it to May! Wowza, what a crazy year it’s been so far…yeesh. But hell, we’re nearly halfway through it, and we shall prevail with good porn, great stories, and of course, girls with big ol’ dicks!

Here’s a look at NGPs top 5 hottest recent futa releases. These quintessential cock queens can certainly quell your cravings for coochie crammed, cum covered cuties!

(That enough ‘k’ sounds for you in one sentence?)

Nikki’s Bimbo Training Session 1: Basics by Fab3DX

Nikki’s journey into full bimbofication might not be as simple as flipping as she thinks. She’s no stranger to electrically charged sexual encounters, but ‘going all the way’ is gonna take more than just a little bit of training.

Who better to get her there than her sexy dom and confidant, Leonie? Leonie is a redhead futa who apologizes to no one for her behavior and demands the utmost respect from her pets. Even so, Nikki is going to need a lot of discipline if she’s going to make the cut; she’s used to having her way and Leonie has what she wants…but it’s up to her strict Mistress to give it to her when she’s good and ready.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series that Fab has in the works! 76 pages of sub/dom action await you in the super sharp, high quality rendering that Fab is famous for. The set comes complete with saucy dialogue, driving the story forward as Nikki is forced to choose between fulfilling her selfish desire for pleasure, or pleasing her well endowed mistress. Nikki will get what she wants eventually…assuming she does as she’s told…

Futa’s Plaything 1 by 3DZen

As futa girls go, there’s big, and then there’s Valerie. The brunette futanari has an aching tool that’s just as humongous as her appetite for sex, but sadly, she has a hell of a time finding partners that can satisfy her.

(This is the first instalment of this series, go check out the second one as well, and keep your eyes on the NGP Store for part 3!)

Once she finds a special plaything, however, Valerie goes right to work showing them who’s boss. Today, her toy selection happens to be a hungry college girl by the name of Gina. Gina is a self proclaimed sub and loves to be called a fuck toy, but Valerie aim is to see whether or not the raven haired girl can live up to her bold claim.

This huge set (probably not as big as Valerie’s dick) is 95 renders of juicy futa x female content. If you like teasing sequences, foreplay and toy training, this set is really going to tickle your fancy. Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll want to see just how much of Valerie’s monstrous cock Gina is able to take in the end, but we won’t spoil it!

The Experiment C3 by Miki3DX

Blonde bombshell Nicole has heroically volunteered for a groundbreaking medical treatment. The treatment had some…interesting side effects, but the two doctor’s, Valery and Megan, are determined to push the blonde past her limits in order to advance their research.

(This is chapter 3 of the experiment, you should seriously check out 1+2, 100% worth it!)

Nicole cums her brains out and hits the threshold, but the doctor’s have only just begun. It’s a good thing that Dr. Megan has converted her nuclear lab into a cutting edge medical facility, because they have a lot of experiments to run!

Geebus, where do I even start with this one? This set has so much to offer that it’s almost overwhelming: 93 renders complete with dialogue, and ten HD gifs (yeah, animated!) to boot. It’s kinky AF, including fetishes involving pumps, tubes and tools: Miki really took this one over the top!

 The list goes on, seriously, futa transformation, growth, clit enlargement, fingering…phew! You’re just going to have to pick it up to see for yourself. This set is an incredible value for the price; you won’t be disappointed!

Ruby’s Pet Part 3 by Detomasso

The Dominant, fiery Futanari redhead, Ruby, has been bossing Laura around and keeping her as a pet for quite some time. Laura’s been paying attention, however, and will only allow herself to be toyed with for so long. When Laura accidentally discovers the secret to Ruby’s body, she might very well turn the tables on her dom, giving the redhead a taste of her own medicine!

Laura like you’ve never seen her before! Unless, of course, you’ve seen Detomasso’s other work 😛 . 

This 69 image set has a really nice range of sub/dom themes, including role reversal. It’s a sweet ending to a three part series (pick up the others if you haven’t already!) and provides a ton of deep dicking satisfaction.

 I don’t know about you, but I just love it when a sub flips the tables, and if you’re a fan of sub/dom power play and futa transformation, you will absolutely love this!

A Big Impression by Lewd Futasy

Petite, travel sized Kimiko is an adorable as fuck Japanese futanari. She’s new in town and is attending her new gym when her favorite piece of eye candy starts working out in front of her.

Kimiko has been admiring the hot, muscled stranger for awhile, but on this fateful day, her ogling catches up with her…

After Kimiko has a spill on the treadmill, the woman she’s been gawking at, Ashley by name, rescues her and takes her home to fix up her ankle. One thing leads to another, and Ashley discovers that Kimiko has a bit of an assertion problem. The fit, dark skinned futa volunteers herself happily, telling Kimiko that all she needs is a little practice asking for what she wants…

Honestly, Futasy has created something really special with this! At 42 renders long, it’s a fully narrated, comprehensive story that features interacial futa x futa action, size play and an ultra unique blowjob position! If you’re a fan of small dick futas, big dick futas, muscular chicks or petite girls attempting to stuff outrageously huge cocks in their tiny mouths, this set will definitely leave a big impression! Also, damn, for 6 USD, you really can’t beat the price!


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