Turn up the AC

Where it’s summer in the world, it’s warm AF, with record-breaking highs all over. Unfortunately, we’re not really helping with the heat this time around, because we keep adding ridiculously hot new sets to the NGP store. So crank up the AC and prepare to sweat, cause’ this week is another scorcher!

New Release by 2C3D

New month, new creator, new set! We’re excited to welcome 2C3D, a phenomenal 3DX purveyor who focuses on straight content and glorious, centerfold style pin-ups! We recently had the pleasure of catching 2C3D in an interview!

New Episode

Yes, it’s a new release, but the title is actually called “New Episode”!


Hope and Adam are all beered up and ready to watch a brand new episode of their favorite show. It’s turning out to be a good one, but a little banter between lovers gets interesting when Hope decides to drop her panties.

This sweet set is just as sentimental as it is sexy, and a great addition to any romantic 3DX collection. Thank God for streaming services when the “Chill” overtakes the “flix”!

New Release by Sexy3Dcomics

Gushing with personality, loveable tropes and gallons of girl spunk, sexy3Dcomics always gets right to the pussy pounding action.

Dickgirl Paradise: Cute Commute

Jenni is on her way to work, riding the ol’ bus in her usual commute. Kate and Beth decide that the ride would be a lot more interesting with a little…public display. Of course, a small bit of exhibition leads to a full blown fuckfest, and Jenni puts in a “full shift” before she even gets to work!


Cute commute is a ton of fun, and Jenni’s fellow commuters don’t seem to mind the show. Like every entry in the Paradise series, our fine female friend is left with a big smile and quite the mess on her face!

Recent Compilations by Forged3DX


Whether its futa or lesbian content, Forged always drops the hammer in just the right spot! We covered these incredible releases recently, but we really want to make sure you don’t miss them: these awesome compilations are massive and massively cheap!