Ancient civilizations across the world developed their own culture, religion and identity, but they all have one thing in common: they all built fuck temples. Hidden places full of orgasmic secrets, dormant lewd creatures and mystical sex toys that wait for the next busty lone explorer to enter their ruins and get all her holes used until she goes cross-eyed with pleasure. 

Cara Lox is today such busty lucky lady, set to explore a temple of mythical tentacles that have pleased many queens in the past. She’s well aware that she’d gonna get Rule 34’d by said tentacles, and she’s here for it. And so are we!

RedRobot3D returns with more Tomb Raider erotic adventures, this time featuring multiple tentacles giving Miss Croft… Uhh, we mean, Lox, the time of her life!

I believe I can fuck

Our daring adventurer enters the depths of the temple, where she finds a nice pool of water, perfect to strip down to her stars & stripes bikini and go for a swim! But her tan skin isn’t the only thing that’s gonna get wet when the tentacles awake! She struggles to break free, but they grab her and lift her in the air, entering uninvited her ass and pussy, then sliding down her throat!

She’ll get all her holes creampied but the insatiable tentacles will keep going, and she’ll be forced to experience supernatural pleasure until she cums her brain out! As the finisher, all the tentacles will rain cum on her and cake her in their seed!

Cara Lox: The Tentacle Temple features 51 multi-panel pages of tentacle action suitable for lovers of Tomb Raider as well as any fan of seeing a hot chick suspended in the air while invaded by multiple, dripping appendages! This set features double penetration, airborne spit roast, ahegao and some juicy tentacly bulges. Get your eyes on RedRobot3D’s stunning Lara Cox renders as she undergoes yet another sexual adventure!