Five prostitutes of different races and talents, some of them sporting cocks ready for action, are waiting eagerly for their next client: a newly crowned futa gladiator, tan and ripped, who will victoriously walk into the brothel to be honoured as she deserves!

This is Champion’s Reward, Ashley Sugar’s latest addition to the NGP catalogue! With 101 FHD images of pure warrior on whore (and plenty of whore on whore as well, of course), this hot tale of a proud demoness who’s afraid of nothing is now available for your viewing pleasure!

The Orgy of Victory

After defeating the previous champion at the gladiatorial arena, the stunning futanari will be rewarded by the attention of the best of the best at the whorehouse, courtesy of her kind master. The girls welcome the new champion just like she deserves, performing the sexiest moves on each other for her viewing pleasure and letting her use each and every hole of them as she pleases. She knows she has earned it, so she goes all in without hesitation!

See her get blown and fuck the prostitutes in the pussy and the ass, leaving her full of her futa cum in a night none of them will ever forget! The orgy is all out, and those fleshy, sweaty bodies will become entangled and cum together in ecstasy. Once again, the mighty warrior shall stand victorious!

How Many Cocks Will It Be, Sir?

Ashley Sugar generously gives two products in one! Yes, you’ve heard right, this story will accommodate to your preferences! When you download this image set, you’ll get two versions for the price of one: one with twin futas, for some extra dickgirl action, and one with one futa twin and one girl for more futa on female juiciness! Make your pick, or why not, enjoy both! Get your hands now on Ashley Sugar’s latest fantasy erotic story, Champion’s Reward!


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