When it comes to lewd art, old school techniques are not used nearly enough. The use of color in modern art is often outstanding and doesn’t detract from the beautiful artistry of erotica, but sometimes losing the colors can create a true work of art. Futasy has certainly provided such an example.

While this immensely talented artist has created many dynamic and colorful displays of erotic women and futanari, this 4-piece set of his popular OC Alexis is one of my favorites. It’s a simple series of pin up photoshoot style angle, but in simplicity is near perfection. Alexis is a beautiful character already, but using the limited noir lighting style shows off her pure beauty.

Popularized by black and white crime films and named after French academics as such, noir was the artistic and post-modern style known for dark, cheap and pulpy detective stories. But in that stylistic and abstract style came unique artistry.

Futasy’s use of lighting here doesn’t hide Alexis as much as tease us. It makes the viewer crave this goddess more. Part of eroticism is the titillation and seduction, with the noir lighting making Alexis akin to those classic Femme Fatales of old. The shadows emphasize her lovely curvature and figure, without the need for fancy angles or extreme details-the simplicity provides all the details needed.

This is truly a beautiful erotic set done in an often-ignored style, made by one of the genuinely talented 3D artists with one of the most beautiful of characters.


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