The 3DX scene gets new life every time some new blood comes forth and shares with us their delightful -and delightfully juicy- erotic renders. Veterans and newcomers stand side by side, exchanging tips and tricks and contributing to making the 3D porn scene better day after day.

Today we’d like to bring to the spotlight an artist whose mastery in balancing naturalistic beauty and enhanced sexual traits makes him stand out as one of the finest sculptors in the field. Introducing to you, Goldenmaster, 3D artist and storyteller, creator of horny creatures and wanton fair ladies who always, for one reason or another, end up entangled and having a good time.

Sex Across the Worlds

Goldenmaster is one of those artists who takes our hands and transports us to a thousand different worlds born from his imagination, each one of them full of scintillating possibilities for his daring female protagonists. The red-haired Katy, the futuristic agent R.I.S.S., and all his other OC’s jump from reality to reality and from dick to dick, always surprising us with new, very creative scenarios for the good ol’ dick-in-hole action. 

His longest comic to day, and perhaps the most famous, is easily First Contact, an alien sex sci-fi comic where everyday province girl Katy discovers that not only Aliens are real, but they’re real hard, and they happen to find Katy herself quite tempting for some intergalactic physical trade. With over 10 chapters to date and still growing, this comic is certainly a treat for sci-fi porn and monster sex lovers.

Still in the vein of science fiction, now mixed with some historic fantasy, we encounter Agent R.I.S.S. in Goldenmaster’s newest comic, Sex Patrol, the third episode currently in the making. This cyberpunk-style futanari patroller chases after evildoers who run away through space and time, subduing them with the power of her cock and her fuckholes. She’s already been to Greek hot baths and the Viking world, and her next adventure will see her land on a castle, where a certain Vampire Tall Lady and her maidens cook their evil schemes. Oh, and everybody has dicks.

Laugh But Don’t Snort Cum!

As you can see, Goldenmaster is one of those guys who loves to have fun with his work, and invites us to his carefree and colourful sexual fantasies. What better way to release some stress than with some fun porn adventures?

He has created a couple of amusing one-off’s exploring the sexy sides of parody and silly ideas, perfect for putting a smile on your face after a long day of work. Perhaps his short story Magic Sausages deserves a special mention, a barbecue with some friends turns into an unexpected foursome when the guys discover that after eating the sausages they turn into horny, fat-cock monsters! You know, your typical Sunday afternoon. Or what about Duel to the Holes, a futa transformation story where a certain red-eyed, white-haired sorceress whips her cock out to seduce a feisty, petit blonde, and before you know it, they’re both rolling on the ground, pounding each other’s ass? 

Dem Bodies Be Lookin’ Good!

But enough about his awesome writing, what about the art itself? Are those ladies a delight to the eye, or what? Well, we’re happy to tell you, they absolutely, 100% are. Goldenmaster has a great eye for posing and framing his characters, skilfully piling up horny creatures of all kinds while keeping each image beautiful, juicy and completely erotic. His models are extremely well-realised, the ladies in particular almost leap from the screen, wiggling their perfectly sculpted T&A before your eyes. And the monsters feel real and believable, all the while being otherworldly and deeply creative. All characters, human or not, are expressive and charismatic without being cartoony: they’re truly full of life.

Goldenmaster has special care in the final polishing of his renders, making sure all textures look smooth and great, and the bodies have the right amount of weight and elasticity. Those dicks spurt thick, white cascades of cum, falling on a skin so perfectly realised that it could very well be a real photography. The proportions of his characters are on point, and the detail in his models show how much time and dedication he puts into achieving the perfect shapes and dynamics.

More Of The Good Stuff

Goldenmaster is currently working on his comics as well as solo renders and packages of images of his old and new characters. You can get early access to his releases, see works in progress, send input for future comics and much more by becoming a supporter on Patreon. For very affordable tiers, you can help him further his career in the erotic art world and participate in the creative process that brings us all these fantastic renders and memorable stories and characters. Be sure to check his work out on Patreon and Twitter, and keep an eye on our store for current and future releases!