First steps to submission

There’s a special place in nearly every 3DX creator’s heart for bimbos. Sweet, submissive, perhaps a bit clueless, but they make up for it with their desire to learn. Primped, suckled and slightly overblown, many turn their bodies into full fledged ‘barbies’ in order to fulfill their one and only purpose in life.

Sounds fun? Nikki thinks so, too!

Bundles of bounty

Nikki, a natural brunette, has thus far been fairly vanilla with her love life. After meeting Lady Leonie, however, her curiosity and desire for more drives her towards a dark, sensual journey that will change her forever…

Finally, all 3 chapters of Fab3DX’s “Nikki’s Bimbo Training” can be found in one glorious package! On the subject of packages, there’s one particular reason Nikki chose to embark on her journey of bimbofication, and it has to do with her Mistress, Lady Leonie. I’ll give you a hint: It’s big, hot, thick and dripping with promise…

Yeah…it’s a huge cock, what else?

From being tied up in a latex suit to being displayed as a premier sex toys addict, Lady Leonie snaps her sub into submission over nearly 300 HG pages! Complete with rousing text, Nikki’s changes aren’t just mental: she goes through a transformation that leaves her already big breasts… colossal! 

Fab’s chic and shine glam trilogy is a must have for futa and transformation enthusiasts alike, and has a list of unique themes that blend so perfectly together. BDSM coupled with femdom futanari is only the beginning. This luscious, precious slut undergoes anal and blowjob training until she becomes a truly adanced specimen. Lady Leonie inflicts denial when her pet disobeys, but she’s as magnanimous a Mistress as she is provocative. What better reward could the perfect, trained up fuck doll ask for than a pussy packing creampie and a sweet, well deserved cumshot?

The answer is simple for a bimbo…more cum.   


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