Our catalogue of top tier futa content keeps growing, thanks to the support of all our readers and the outstanding production rate of our great artistic partners. This week, we have three brand new futa stories for you to get your fill! So sit back, relax, grab yourself a glass of wine or whatever other drink makes you feel all classy and stuff, and take a look at the newest members of the NGP family!

Staying the Night, by CrazySky3D

As a woman in a porno, having a huge dick can make you feel such a badass, right? Like nobody can stop you and you can get away with whatever you want. That might be the exact thought that went through Jesse’s head when she snuck inside Sarah’s boutique. When she got busted, but Sarah decided to invite her over for the night instead of calling the cops, Jesse sure thought she was gonna give Sarah the sexy, steamy, unforgettable surprise of her life.

Little did she know, though… that Sarah herself was a strong futa and she wasn’t gonna be the bottom…

Bride Bang, by Gonzo Studios

Ever wished for your wedding to become a sex party that puts your hen or stag do to shame? Well, these beautiful brides sure got lucky! For a quite unorthodox wedding ceremony, the newlyweds, their bridesmaids and even the female minister get on each other for a messy celebration. Spoilers: the wedding dresses aren’t the only whithe thing they end up covered with!

Cellmate, by Futanarica

In this hot and thrilling Suicide Squad fanfiction, Harley Quinn (who has a dick now, so, you’re welcome) finds out she’s getting a new cellmate. The purple-haired girl is all sexy and sobby, but worry not! Our favourite crazy bitch is here to help her feel better with her body and her cock!


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