Some people say 3 is the perfect number: triangles, trinities, blah blah blah, but consider the following…

4 is a bigger number than 3, and when it comes to epic 3DX bundles, 4 means MORE!

Seriously, when we say more…boy oh boy do we mean it…

The Amazingly Fun “Un-bundle”

Prepare yourself for a futanari quadrilogy to shake the ages: enter the Adicktion Therapy “Un-Sane” bundle! Hundreds of mouth watering renders, liters of dommy futa-milf spunk, and an ahegao wonderland of ass-stuffing proportions! Easily Nonsane’s most impressive endeavor to date, this fully narrated mega-set features more kinks than you can shake a girldick at…even if it’s one that’s too big to hide under a skirt!

Part 1: “Adicktion Therapy”

Amelie Rochester is one of the city’s hottest, most successful models, but she has a major problem…she can’t stop fantasizing about futanari! Helpless to her daydreams, she decides to get some professional help, completely unaware that her fantasy is about to become a reality…

Meanwhile, an equally clueless therapist, Dr. Joceyln Whitley, discovers that her newest patient is a drop dead gorgeous model! Not wanting to expose her “big boy” during a session, she rubs out a quick one…and ends up swallowing more than she bargained for! Hopefully, it’ll be enough to keep her from getting horny…

“Part 2: “Un-patient Relations”

Amelie doesn’t waste any time ‘unloading’ her fantasies to her new therapist, going into excruciating detail! Jocelyn is floored by how cock hungry her new patient is, and in the end…let’s just say that she can’t contain her excitement!

Amelie has a full blown neurotically sexual breakdown, throwing herself at Josey until she puts herself into a fainting tiffy! Dismayed by her own “completely unprofessional” behavior, the doctor tries to run damage control…but ends up with a surprisingly subby, love stricken patient ready to fulfill her wildest desires!

Part 3: “Un-hinged Appetites”

She takes it in the ass, she takes it in her pussy, her mouth…Amelie Rochester is an unstoppable, unhinged futaholic! Part 3 features non-stop fucking and sweet dirty talking as doctor and patient navigate their new founded fantasy relationship. The good doctor has already blown load after load, but the model is making her balls churn overtime! What will happen when the intern suddenly bursts in and gets caught in the crossfire of a nerdy futa sniper rifle cum blast?!

Part 4 “Un-expected Intern-ruptions”

It turns out that the intern has a secret weapon of her own, and it’s as throbbing and quick to action as her attitude! Seeing her big-titted boss deep-dicking a patient gives the bratty, gen-z futa the opportunity for blackmail, but she’s fast to find out that she messed with the wrong dom…and subsequently, the wrong power bottom rich bitch!

Girly cum tanks are edged to fire hose pressure jizz blasts as the mature and young duo DP the sex gluttonous model. Amelie demands to have her cake and eat it too: she proves that she won’t let anything stand in the way of worshipping her new mistress and feeding her ultimate addiction for giant female fucksticks!