You’ll be more than pleased to know that our Summer Sale is still going, strong as ever and tempting as always! This week, though, we have a twist: we have chosen a few selected stories and image sets for your enjoyment. Behold, Week 2 of our sale season! It’s Fantasy Time!

This sale runs till Sunday 16th of August and gives you 30% discount on each and every item, no shopping cart minimum!

That’s right! Fantasy themed erotic tales are now on discount, so if so far you’ve missed one or more of these, now it’s the perfect time to get yourself something nice for the evening! Or the afternoon. Or the morning. Or whenever you like to look at porn. We ain’t judging.

Let’s highlight a few of the amazing discounted products we have on for this week. Some monstrous sexy fantasies waiting for you!

Monster on Girl with Redrobot

This artist sure knows how to explore different genres! Amongst other sexy stories to remember, he has graced us with high qualityrenders of sorceresses and monster huntresses who believe that clothing is overrated, getting wild with creatures of horror! Our Top picks from Redrobot’s catalog: Bitcher: Wild Cunt and Tales of Hallow: Goblin Layer. But don’t miss out on all other fantasy image sets from Redrobot, there’s juicy material here for days!

A Very Naughty Goblin, with Otbjacko

The Odd Job Otis series, now ascending to a whopping 6 episode count, tells the adventures of the small goblin Otis and his steaming hot female companions (who also think that clothes are overrated) taking, as the title suggests, the odd job here and there. But for one reason or another, the goblin always finds himself surrounded by one or more beauties who want a good fill of his green schlong.

Damisels in Dick-stress with FantasyErotic

Just as the name suggests, this artist loves to give life to beautiful maidens in fantasy scenarios and confront them with the most fearsome and best endowed creatures the enchanted forest can throw at them. Scroll down his catalogue to find elven prisoners, adventurous tomb raiders and an unsuspecting sunbathing beauty who never imagined the biggest cock she’d take in her life would come from a monster in her pool!


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