Cafe: Hello, (The)LostBoyz! I’m happy to have finally found you! My bad jokes aside, thank you so much for agreeing to do an interview with us: we’re excited to see what you’ve got in store for us in the near future!

But first, a question to slake my own curiosity: what got you into 3DX in the first place and what were some of your inspirations?

TheLostBoyz: Howdy! First a little about my background, I come from a photography and filmmaking background and have been doing both since an early age, so I have always had a relatively good grasp on visual storytelling. 

As far as 3DX content goes, I got into playing adult games and reading adult comics a few years ago, mostly because I am rarely attracted to conventional adult content and wanted something that created a story within to create the adult situations (also I had moved to a new city and was relatively lonely!). Then last year, I got a decent (if underpowered) gaming computer and immediately after that the pandemic shut everything down and I found myself working from home and with an abundance of free time. So I began working to understand various 3D programs until I felt that I had a good grasp of one of them and began creating some of my early 3DX pinups. I also realized what is possible and impossible for me and began filtering that into the kind of stories I knew I could tell. Initially, I wanted to make 3DX games, but I found much of that process tedious and unfulfilling, so I pivoted to making 3DX comics and art and I have been much happier.

Cafe: It’s incredible that you’ve managed so much in such a short period of time! It’s awesome to see someone put their natural talents and lifelong skills into such a different medium: your results have been stellar!

Now, I’m supposed to be asking about your upcoming works, and I will! However, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to ask about your unique genre selections. 

We’re SO here for it, but what’s the story behind the “meddling kids series”?

TheLostBoyz: Haha! Thank you! Meddling Kids came from a desire to make something inspired by popular characters that people were familiar with, but put my own spin on it.  I decided that a 6-issue summer camp mystery series inspired by classic cartoons was a good, lighthearted way to portray the story I wanted to tell. I am really excited to share the ghostly ending to this current storyline, but I am also looking forward to returning to these Meddling Kids again for future stories.

Cafe: Aha, so you have answered some questions about what we can expect, despite my best effort to interrogate you about other things! A 6 part series sounds perfect for Meddling kids!

Alright, let me be temperate and ask the million dollar question: what can you tell us about what you’ve got in store? You’ve already spilled the tea about Meddling Kids, any other tidbits you’d be willing to share?

TheLostBoyz: Sure! At the end of this month I am releasing my 3DX slasher comic called Final Girls: Sorority Row Collection on Nextgenporn. It’s a campy, fun, slasher comic with some R-Rated gore and some X-Rated sexy fun.

Next month you will see issue 5 of Meddling Kids release, which has a fun flashback to see what our ghosts were up to before they died.

Just in time for Christmas we are releasing Home for the Holidays, which is a great anthology of short holiday themed 3DX stories, as well as a collection of my first 3 short comics called The Lost Boyz Shortz Volume 1, which will show off 3 sexy “classic porn” inspired stories.

Cafe: Oh my gosh, that’s stupendous! We can look forward to a mountain of content from you while we move throughout the end of the year! 

It’s so refreshing to see your magic touch on these genres: you’re offering a mind boggling array of content within so many niche categories; you’re hard to pin down! We prefer our creators that way!

Thank you so much for your time, we wish you all the best in your endeavors, and we’ll try to keep our pants on for all those new releases!

TheLostBoyz: Thank you as well!
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