We like to keep busy. What can we say? We just love what we do, and there is so much good stuff out there, that we are compelled to contacting more and more talented artists and inviting them to let us show their work. And it pays off! Right as summer sales near their end, we have five brand new products in our shop!

Don’t miss on any of these hot stories, featuring bad girls who need some discipline, an interracial gang bang, an ancient artifact taking over a hot wanderer in the desert, and more! Let’s dive in and overview our newest products.

POV Pervert – The Step Sister, by Gonzo Studios

What is forbidden tastes twice as good, and our protagonist will learn this really quick in this new comic by Gonzo Studios. Our main character’s father has remarried, and both his new step mom and step daughters are stunning beauties that get his blood pumping! Oh, the temptation is too strong, and he will certainly find his way to satisfy his lust. Read the beginning of this erotic fantasy in this POV immersive comic that lets you walk in the shoes and see through the eyes of a man who’s going to get super lucky!

Prison Sex, by 3DZen

For those of you who like it hardcore and spicy, Prison Sex presents a BDSM den with plenty of juicy fetishes, including cock milking machines, bondage, pregnancy, and contraptions that will push the boundaries of both pain and pleasure for the inmates. This prison is run by an extremely horny futa, who likes to collect her own cum constantly and feed it to a slew of hot women who have become addicted to it. When a new inmate arrives at this prison, she will discover – and experience – all the things that happen behind closed doors.

Blackmaled – Amy’s Story pt. 3, by Sexy3DComics

The third instalment of this polyamorous fantasy is here! Sexy3DComics treats us again with the continuation of Amy’s journey through the wonders of interracial, extramarital orgies. In this chapter, she wakes up after a wild night, just to discover that the heat keeps going. Now there are cameras pointing at her, and her new black “special friends” give her something to be busy with, now with audience participation! Let’s just say, Amy’s the only white person in the room, but by the end of the session she’ll be even whiter…

Iris and the Ankh of Osiris, by Forged3dx

Blonde futa Stacey is guarding an ancient artifact in the middle of the desert; unexpectedly, a mysterious looking dark-skinned wanderer appears at her post, and Stacey lets her stay. But this is a porno, after all, so right on call, the ancient artifact activates and the spirit of Isis possesses the wanderer’s conscience, turning her into a hungry slut for Stacey’s cock! It doesn’t take long for the two women to engage in a gloriously long list of naughty games, including oral, anal and foot play!

Good Manners, by Serge3dx

We couldn’t finish this list without a good futa nun punishment title! Mother Superior Mary finds the bad girl Katie misbehaving, and decides to teach her some manners, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Cock! She takes her to the church and disciplines her, and Katie has to take the biggest donger she’s ever seen in her life, as her slutty girl mascara runs down her face. This is, truly, a lesson she will never forget.


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