She needs no introduction. The one and only, the Tall Vampire Lady the whole Internet has been dreaming about like crazy ever since her first showcase: Lady Dimitrescu, the ultimate vampire mama. You’ve been bad, and she’s here to show you who’s boss, with her huge cock and her insuperable cum-pumping balls. The two futanari time-travelling agents that happen to fall into her lair are in for an intense, torturous erotic ride in the hands of the merciless dickgirl queen!

Difficulty Level: Dickage of Shadows

Lady Dimitrescu likes to play in hard mode (girthy, oozing hard mode), and will force her unexpected guests to keep up with her pace. As we’ve come to expect from her, she doesn’t hesitate to choke one futa and hang her in the air, before pushing her down her massive donger. The other one is bound for some double pussy penetration, testing the absolute limits of her body. Also, did somebody say anal fisting? Just putting it out there.

Lady D will absolutely dominate her new playthings, forcing them to perform massive sexual feats they maybe never imagined they could pull out. They’ll be put through self oral, anal rimming, and all sorts of creative threesomes, not to mention that for some reason everyone in the room seems to have a thing for feet. 

The Grand Finale?

Lady D’s D can take all the punishment in the world and she doesn’t blink: rather, she doubles down every time! Her massive cock can even take whole dicks inside of her, showing everybody who’s the true Master of Docking. (Eat your heart out, futa Jill, wherever you are: we know you’re there somewhere.) And if you’re wondering about the final cumshot, let’s just say that big things end big.

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