When you were little, you wondered, “what delightful secrets are hidden under that tent and why does everyone want to get in…” and then, your mom took you to the circus and the mystery was revealed! Well, now that you are an adult, you can unveil the true forbidden wonders that take place where the public doesn’t see! In “THEM”, the new erotic horror comic bundle by GonzoStudios, terrifying sexual shenanigans ensue through six sexy chapters and a naughty intro story!

No time for performance anxiety!

story starts when Rachel, following the trail of her missing sister, arrives at the shady Hellfire circus! Big, sinister clowns look at her with appetite; hot contortionists stretch and warm up, preparing for a session of lewd acrobatics; and a lady in black fishnets plots in the dark…

Our protagonist, however, is willing to face the unknown and submit herself to any treatment in order to find out her sister’s whereabouts! Suffice to say, poor little Rachel is in for a long series of close encounters with freaky creatures that want her and will do to her whatever they please!

Read about her misadventures in “THEM”, a 7-parter bundle oozing with scary, thrilling sexual horror and horny monsters that will give Rachel an experience she’ll never forget!

Where it all began

If you are curious and would like to peek into the dark, why not start with the free intro chapter and get a taste of the things you can experience in this bundle? Anna thinks she’s got what it takes to climb to the top and become a featured performer at the Hellfire circus, but soon she will learn that she’s trying to grab more than she can handle! Muscular monster clowns and kinky acrobats will teach her her place in the most contundent and depraved way possible!


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