There are two types of people in this world: those who say they had some sort of crush on Daphne from scooby Doo growing up, and those who lie. We might have not been invited to the kinky orgies that for sure happened at the back of the Mystery Machine in between cases, but at least we get to watch a few members of the Scooby Gang getting naughty thanks to our new artist, The Lost Boyz! This cheeky creator brings us top tier parody porn featuring our beloved (and lusted over) childhood characters, and what better way to get into their work than to check out their cartoon parody comic, Meddling Kids?

When Fred’s not home…

Meddling Kids is an on going porn comic with 2 published issues to date. Here you’ll see Velma… sorry, Thelma, secretly thirsting over her fellow mystery solver Dauphine. Will a night in an isolated cabin with her redhead crush be the perfect setup for Thelma to finally realise her wet fantasies? Dauphine better get ready for the cunnilingus of her life, ‘cause she’ll be squirting all over under Thelma’swomanhandling

And what about Shaggy… er, Waggy, you may ask? Well, not to spoil too much about Issue 2, but there quite an attractive ghost lady over there, and no matter how dead she is, her lust is very much alive…She seems to have found in Waggy her perfect toy, and after an out-of-this-world blowjob, she gets ready to collect her creampie treat!

An Elf Noir

You’ll be delighted to know that The Lost Boyz is an artist of many talents! When they’re not creating juicy parodies of childhood cartoons, they’re serving stylish neon medieval & noir mashups featuring body transformation, dark elves and magical futas! Detective Merlara is in charge of solving a murder in Orc town, but things soon get more complicated than she thought… How many fantasy creatures does she have to fuck to get to the bottom of this? (Pun not intended… maybe?) Find out at The Lost Boyz’serotic comic, Caught in the Act!