Gather around, sci-fi porn enthusiasts! Come forth, those of you who fancy alien dickgirls, femdom and absurd amounts of lactation! Here we present to you Redrobot3D’s two-in-one release, for your viewing pleasure: Omega, Tales of Close Encounters!

Omega, our imposing blue futanari alien (who’s totally not Asari from Mass Effect, wink wink) has found herself a human maid who’s more than willing to please her every whim. Omega knows very well the potential hidden in her maid’s body: with the right stimulation thanks to custom alien technology, the already large boobs of this woman can become massive udders, perfect for a long and taxing session of breast milking. Why does Omega want to harvest so many liters of her maid’s mommy juice? Why does she have to be wearing lingerie, only to be then stripped naked? Does stepping on her back with a pointy heel really help the quality of the milk? Who knows! And who cares! It’s damn hot and we’re here for it.

This product comes to you with a porn comic detailing how the human maid falls under the allure of Omega’s ridiculously large blue cock, and gives it a good suck, before her mistress prepares the milking machine for her (and gives her a little inspiration for getting into character, by treating her like the cow she’s about to become). Relax, folks, it’s all a calculated attempt to stimulate the maid’s mammaries, Omega’s a professional after all!

Together with the comic, you’ll be treated with an image set depicting Omega and her maid engaging in all sort of eye-pleasing play, including a selection of sex shots, masturbation, oral and, since it couldn’t be in any other way, a thick cumshot to wrap it all up. Let Redrobot3D’s art take you to a new galaxy of sensual eroticism with this two-in-one product!


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