Being a teenager is difficult enough with all that uncontrolled horniness and thirst for our hot classmates, without having to deal with mean girls and possibly unrequited crushes. Megyn, the edgy girl, just wants to touch herself and fantasise about going to the school dance then getting fucked silly by the school’s hunk. But will her fantasy come true at Homecoming? She might get more than she bargained for, in a completely unexpected way!

Girl’s Shower Room Drama?

Megyn isn’t having the best of days, now that Heather, the school’s blonde bully, is after her. All because she stepped in to defend another naked girl from her at the showers… But bad things can bring good things, now that her hot, British classmate wants to comfort her by inviting her to the school dance! Megyn will shop for the perfect black dress for the occasion, marrying her dark punk vibes with the sexy dress cut that’s required to turn her classmate’s pants on fire! All that’s left to do is let the night play out and see where it ends.

Climax Under the Stars

Megyn will be delighted to find out that her fantasy will become a reality, when her date takes her away on a romantic car ride, then she sees her opportunity… She slips out of her dress to be more “comfortable”, and, thinking quick on his feet, her partner follows suit. She’ll get exactly what she hoped for, getting fucked out in the open, on the ground and on the car, before getting her ass and back bathed in a massive cumshot. Best high school dance ever, for both of them!

The Lost Boyz proudly presents Homecoming, an erotic 90-page comic with a bonus of 6 pinups and a textless version. Go check out now the artist’s latest release in our store!