Watch out for the water!

Summer is full of swimming pools, river trips and ocean visits, but some people are (understandably) scared of the water! It’s no surprise as to why: so many horror movies and stories focus around slimy, crawly creatures of the deep. Of course, when you add porn themes to the mix, said creatures are bound to have certain ‘appetites’, and for 3DX, that’s a good thing!

If the heat’s got you down, why not “Tenta-cool” off, with some wonderful, whipping tentacle sets? Okay, ye, that sounded way better in my head…

Cara Lox: The Tentacle Temple by RedRobot3D

It’s not generally a good idea to enter ancient ruins wearing a patriotic bikini under your clothes…unless you’re a seasoned 3DX superstar! Like the title implies, Cara gets in way over her head (literally!) and finds a fiendish creature who has an appetite for pussy.

This set, while relatively short, is intense, and RedRobot brings the hardcore hole stuffing to a very messy, one monster bukakke climax! Who needs a gangbang when you can have a monster mash?

Fantasyland Muse: Complete Story by Gonzo Studios

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Lord of the rings was set in modern times? But the hobbits are sexy elven women? And the ‘one ring’ is really just them trying to get laid as much as possible?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore!

This huge-gantic set (over 1,000 renders!!) features pretty much any fantasy pairing you can think of, including a nasty tentacle scene in part 2! Seriously, there is a jaw dropping amount of content in this collection, spanning 5 parts. Come for the freaky shit: stay for the plot!

Residential Evil 3 & 4 by 3DZen

This long running series is one part rule34 parody, and many other parts a twisted, outrageously sexy porny hodgepodge!

Part 3 and 4 particularly focus on weird tentacle stuff, but Zen always finds a way to add an unexpected twist. Jill and Claire get knocked up, infected, and boned in almost any way you can think of…and probably some you can’t! If monster sex and whipping tendrils that double as ovipositors sounds like a good time to you, you’re gonna love this creampie filled creepshow!