A Summertime Display

The warm season is coming our way, and with it, all its wonderful things: longer days, ice cream, beach vacations, and scantily clad gorgeous women with big breasts sunbathing by themselves at the pool. One of these beauties, a stunning MILF in a revealing swimsuit, has just caught the attention of a well-hung bystander. Things can only go one way from here. Welcome to Fantasyerotic’s latest release, “Roleplay Sex 2: Trouble in Paradise”!

Don’t shoot! (Yet!)

The artist has proven their talent with fantasy products before, and now we’ll have the literal pleasure to witness his take on a realistic setting, following a lucky man who gets his hard, huge cock tended to by our female protagonist. She’s shocked to see his big gun pointing at her (both the one in his hand and the one coming out of his pants) and decides to oblige to save her life. He takes his sweet time to strip her naked and starts by soliciting some oral action, and under his domination, she swallows his cock down to the base. But of course, the blowjob is just the beginning, because right after that, she’s pressed down for a long ride of rough sex from all angles until he gets his sweet ending!

Coat her in white

As it couldn’t be in any other way, after being used by him in all possible ways and with the feel of both his guns still fresh in her love slit, she’ll be completely dominated into the ground and get her back and ass coated in a very generous cumshot. But wait! What is that nice gift that he will give her after they’re done, for her trouble? Find out now at Fantasyerotic’s 64-image-set depicting their latest erotic story, Roleplay Sex 2: Trouble in Paradise!