Cafe: Hello there, Taziota, thank you for agreeing to do one of our ‘sneak peek’ pieces! We’re looking forward to hearing all about what you’ve been working on, but I always like to take some time to ask about you: the creator! Your works feature some of the hottest straight content in 3DX (like my personal favorite “Double Booked”), but what were some of your early inspirations for these bodacious characters?

Taziota: Artists like ‘Looks Can Kill’ and a few others were originally what got me into 3DX as a fan. So, when I started creating, I was basically just trying to mimic what they were doing, but as time went on, I gradually began to implement my own ideas and styles. It’s a process that continues to this day!

Cafe: That’s very flattering to them, but you’ve definitely found your distinct style! Your work is easy to spot from a mile away, haha, if it’s not the muscles then it’s the glorious racks.
So, let’s get into it: what have you been working on recently? Any insights you can give us into future projects, or things that you’re excited to work on? We want to hear as much as you’re willing to tell us

Taziota: Funny you should ask! My latest feature set “What Happens In Vegas” is officially complete as of this week! It’s available now on Patreon, but it will be available for purchase on May 27th. For those who are more familiar with my character lineup, it stars Ivy, Meredith, Freya and Aaron, all getting busy in a Vegas penthouse suite.
Other than that, I’ve got my usual steady flow of content. I’ll need to start thinking about my next large-scale feature set, too.

Cafe: Excellent! Yes, your steady stream of content is impressive: by the time I realize you’ve released something new, you’re already releasing something newer! 
Last question here and we’ll let you off the hook: Do you have any long term goals for projects or things you’d like to tackle in the future? We won’t hold you to anything, just curious!

Taziota: Now that I’ve got the Vegas set out the door, I’m looking forward to taking a bit of a break from the larger sets to focus on some upcoming smaller sets. I’ve found that I work better when I can work on multiple sets at a time. It allows me to jump from one project to another without getting too focused on a single set. From a technical perspective,  I’m always trying to improve, so I’ll probably take some time to do some lighting practice. I’d also like to get into 3D clothing design at some point, but that’s probably a long way off.

Cafe: Hey, that’s awesome! We’re never gonna complain about multiple sets, and we always love the variety.
Once again, we’re extremely grateful for your time and we appreciate your work immensely! We wish you the best of luck with those future endeavors, and of course, we’re looking forward to more sweet content from ya!

Taziota: Thanks! And don’t forget to look for “What Happens In Vegas” in the NGP store on May 27th!
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