One day, you’re just a hot chick in the future who wants an illegal dildo, the next, you’re a totally sex addicted futa with a fully integrated cock and an apettite for young, tight pussy! 

We’re talking, of course, about Nonsane’s “future sex” series, (what else?) and what better way to celebrate the future than to make a mini spin-off set featuring our favorite nympho futa, Stacey?

I can’t think of one, and neither can our lovely purple haired ‘traveler’ who’s gotten Stacey’s attention.

Enter ‘SWITCH’: a relatively small, brand new set from Nonsane that brings only the highest quality futa on girl action.

Now, you may be thinking, ‘just how much action can Nonsane fit into a 34 image set?’ The answer may surprise you, but if you’re a long time fan, you won’t be blindsided. Nonsane is a master of transitional scenes, facial expressions and telling a story without dialogue: ‘SWITCH’ hits all these sweet spots perfectly, and even brings some new freshness to the scene! For instance, there’s a very nice erection sequence right off the bat, followed by a slow, deliberate blowjob.

Stacey’s cock is thick, juicy and veiny, and she uses it to go deeper than a diving expedition into her guest! There is an impressive X-ray scene to go along with the inevitable creampie, and some ahegao for good measure; did I mention the cool translucent frontal missionary POV? 

I’m telling you, Nonsane crams this set full of so much eye candy, it’s really hard to believe that it’s less than 50 images. It’s got all the clean shine and texture you’ll come to expect from this top tier artist (if you don’t, already), from lashes to legs to licking, and though the price may be small, the payoff is about as big as Stacey’s futuristic ‘asset’!

Oh, one more thing: Nonsane is planning an animated sequel to this set, so be on the lookout for that if you like to see a little motion in your futa commotion!


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