In the month of February, love is in the air and heat is in the pants. Men and women look for a special one, be it for a night or a lifetime, to embrace and fuck silly. That’s exactly the situation in which the characters of Candy Hearts, The Lost Boyz’s latest collection release on NGP, find themselves. Be it by personal choice or happy coincidence, they find themselves in each other’s arms, ready to share their burning desire. Four short stories and a bonus gallery of pinups are awaiting in this sweet, sweet release!

The Cockposal

With a combined count of 89 4K panels, the short stories in this collection take us through an exciting succession of romantic kisses, nervous proposals, happy surprises and cuddles, and of course, a healthy dose of steamy sex, mostly in places where you’re not supposed to do those things. But what’s Valentine’s Day without a little adrenalin, right?

From two strippers confessing their love from one another then jumping straight into an interracial cunnilingus, to a bottle game that results in an unexpected blowjob and facial, to a lesbian couple having public sex after a date out, and finally, a lucky employee fucking the owner’s daughter at the backrooms thanks to a conveeeeeenient door that gets stuck, locking them in for hours. Everyone had a good time and so should you, so check out this product right now and don’t miss on the fun!

Sweet Topping

What is a yummy treat without a cherry on top? As if these four scintillating stories weren’t enough, with your product you’ll get a free gallery of 12 4K pinups where all girls featured in these stories will pose for you over a romantic backdrop. You can’t leave them sad and waiting, can you? Go see now the cute, romantic outfits they’ve slipped into just for you, then watch them in all their bare, gorgeous glory!