Sometimes, you just don’t plan to get fucked by a huge monster cock. You really don’t. You’re just chillin’, taking a nap, or enjoying some wine by the fireplace, or trying on the sexy lingerie that you got from an anonymous package and just walking around with it… You know, the usual girl stuff. And then, bam. Monster orgy. That’s just the life of a porn comic’s female protagonist. What can you do.

At least, your surprise encounters with those horny creatures can make for a great erotic story! Here are our best releases of the last few days featuring some fine monster-on-human and monster-on-elf action for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you haven’t skipped any of the three! They’re all guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

Orc Owned, by 3DZen and HZR

Riddle me this: what’s the most reasonable outcome of two innocent elves in a tavern, engaging in a drinking competition with two orcs (one male and one futa)? If your answer was, wild group sex with acrobatic domination, extreme oral and double penetration, then yes, you were correct! This huge 145-panels image set with dialogue checks all the boxes for medieval fantasy lovers!

Residential Evil XXX Part 8, by 3DZen

Former STARS supercop and now elite agent Jill has years of experience fighting zombies and other monstruous abominations. So she feels perfectly comfortable falling asleep in a subway car all by herself. What can go wrong? Oops! Two random monsters with huge cocks found her and came in her mouth, infecting her with horny virus and turning her into a hungry slut? No way. We would have never seen it coming. Resident Evil fans in particular and video game lovers in general will have a blast with this 75-image comic!

Knight Elayne – Memoria 2, by Hibbli3D

The new instalment to the Knight Elayne series, brings more of Hibbli3D’s signature blonde elf goodness. Knight Elayne has some new black lingerie, and it would be a shame to leave it in the wardrobe without wearing it, right? Luckily for her, the goblin next door is a man of culture, and can properly appreciate Elayne’s new outfit, and do it the honours by giving Elayne herself a good dicking. Check out Hibbli3D’s latest 60-image set at the NGP store!