F: All right, first of all, for the NGP readers who don’t know about you yet. Please, introduce yourself.

Supro: My name is Supro and I’ve been making 3DX for several years. You might be familiar with some of my characters such as Lana, Rylee and Zoey.

I currently run the website Intrigue 3D, which showcases a lot of the works I’ve done ever since.

F: You have created quite a few stories depicting fantasy and/or magical creatures such as devils and elves. Did you have an interest in fantasy before you started with 3DX or is it something that found its way into your creations later on?

S: It was something I got into later on. When I started, I mostly made stuff that was realistic with a bit of an exaggeration (cock sizes, boobs, futas, etc). What grew my interest in fantasy stuff was when I started to do commissions. I got requests for angels, demons, elves, orcs and whatnot. So I got deeper into that world later on. Eventually, I started to incorporate those elements into my OCs and have been going back and forth between their normal form and their fantasy form.

F: So when you started, you were doing work for yourself. What were your main sources of inspiration or motivation to create your 3DX pieces?

S: Originally, I started because I really love those Create A Character features in games, especially wrestling ones. When I found out about programs like Poser and Daz where I can make my own characters and have them do whatever I wanted, I gave it a try and it’s growing ever since.

Inspiration-wise, it would probably Miro of Affect3D. Actually, I worked with him for several years on his site during its initial growth. He gave me pointers and advice on how to improve. His help was immensely important and I thank him for that. Nowadays, it’s just whatever pops up in my head or what other people suggest. Sometimes, I’ll have some vague idea and sometimes I’ll think about it more. If that happens, I make it happen.

F: Are you working with Daz these days, or are you currently rendering with another software of choice?

S: It’s primarily Daz, but I’m wanting to move to another in the near future. I’m just too lazy for some reason.

F: And would you share what hardware you use to process your renders?

S: I’m currently rendering on the RTX 3090 with a Ryzen 3950x CPU. Before, I used 3 GTX 1080 TIs, but the difference in speed between the two is crazy. I still have the old machine as a backup.

F: Wise move. So, speaking of steps forwards, you’ve been meaning to get into animation. What kind of work would you like to create once you get there?

S: Well, I don’t wanna get ahead of myself. I just want to make sure the animations are clean and smooth. I would like to animate one of my ideas, but I know that’s not gonna be for a long time.

F: And whenver you make it, we’ll be here for it. What other projects or ideas are you working on? Tease our readers a bit so they know what to look forwards to.

S: At the moment, I don’t have any sets in place. I’m just focusing on some personal stuff and commissions. One idea I’ve been toying with has been an Angel/Demon universe featuring my and other OCs. Lana would be the central focus as there would be a Goddess and a Demon version of her. I’m still mapping out how I want to institute it into a big project, but that’s gonna be a while.

F: Like a Supro Extended Universe?

S: More of a universe within an universe. In the main universe, Lana doubles as a porn star and a writer. So this angel/demon world would essentially be a story crafted by her and would feature her friends and others.

F: There are many people out there who, like you, have discovered 3D art and would like to become 3DX artists themselves. What piece of advice do you have for them?

S: Do it! It might be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun. Plus, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. There’s plenty of places that can offer help to guide you down the path of making your own creation.

F: That’s great advice! Applicable to every vocation, I would say. To wrap it up, do you have any final message for NGP readers who’d love to check out your content and possibly give you their support?

S: Yes! You can check out my website at https://intrigue3d.com/ where you can find my characters, artwork and products. You can also support me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/supro3d and follow me on twitter at @intrigue3d.

I’m currently closed on commissions, but keep an eye out on Patreon or twitter for future openings.

F: That’s great! Thanks a lot for your time. We’ll be updating our readers with new releases from your catalogue on our store.

S: Thanks!