Some people like to swim at the pool. Others like to drink mojitos. Others like to sunbathe. Others like it when an alien-looking blue monster comes out of the water with a raging erection and fucks them repeatedly on the edge of the pool. To each, their own.

If surprise poolside sex sounds like a fun afternoon for you, then boy, do we have the image set that will make you happy. In these summer days, we are all in the mood to see something like Pool Horror, the new image set by FantasyErotic. Hot and refreshing at the same time!

Don’t go to the deep side, you’ll get cock!

Sally’s body is just gorgeous, there’s no way around it. And she has worked on this beautiful tan, but she still thinks she can improve it by getting rid of her tan lines. She’s alone at home, so why not sunbathe naked? What’s the worst that could happen?

As she basks in the summer heat, a monstrous figure emerges from the waters! It’s a huge creature like she’s never seen before! Before she can run away, the monster captures her!

But it’s not her blood what it wants, nor drowning her in the depths of the pool, but rather, to satisfy its sexual hunger with her seductive body!

A short horror erotic story

If you’re a fan of monster sex, or feel curious and a little naughtier than usual today, then Pool Horror is a great one-shot for getting the blood pumping! Featuring 67 Full HD images from 3DX artist FantasyErotic, this scintillating and thrilling story is indispensable in your porn library!

Watch the monster flip Sally around and around and cum repeatedly on her body, as she screams for help before she realises this could actually be more fun than she thought!


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