In the last few weeks of summer, we want to capture and enjoy the magic of the sun and the beach before the leaves turn gold on the trees. What better way to do that than treating ourselves with the sight of some sculptural young ladies in revealing bikinis, making out and being naughty against a gorgeous beach backdrop? 

Ashley Sugar’s short story, Summer Time (which is free in our store, mind you – wink, wink- ) seems like the perfect love letter for this time of the year. Now, is it any good? Short answer, yes, of course it is; it’s a delightful snippet that will leave a smile on your face. Long answer? Let’s elaborate.

The Spectacle of Summer

It’s quite easy to take two or three 3D models, slap a bikini on them, and create a forgettable sex sequence set on a paradisiac shore. The theme has been done to death. However, it takes a skilled artist, and a sensitive writer, to bring life to this very simple setting and create something that feels enticing and interesting. This is what Ashley Sugar achieves with this image set, with smart framing, simple yet effective dialogue, and gorgeous character design.

The visuals are, easily, the strongest element in this product. The author knew very well how to use the elements of the setting (a summer beach) to the advantage of the sensuality of the story. Water shines on the skin of both female characters, wet bikinis become more see-through as the scene progresses, and the sunlight creates vibrant colours and flare effects that make the images straight up beautiful to look at.

A Big Small Story

The image set in general is very clean and polished, with few fluids and fluid physics (which was, perhaps, a missed opportunity since the characters are standing in water), but in this case the lack of “dirtiness” if you will, plays in favour of the story. It helps us focus on what really matters and makes this snippet special.

The general tone of this image set is very intimate, helping us connect with the two girls and the journey they experience together even if they have never met before. The waist shots and the way the camera gets closer and closer as the scene progresses creates a sense of connection that gives meaning to everything that happens, making it more enticing and erotic.

If this sounds like your thing, or if you feel curious to see it for yourself, then all you have to do is add it to your cart from our shop! It’s currently available for free, so take this chance and celebrate the final days of summer with Ashley Sugar’s summertime image set! 


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