A Golden opportunity

You may have noticed that we’ve been regularly covering Goldenmaster’s works, especially the First Contact series. There’s a very good reason for it! You’d be hard pressed (pun intended) to find a kinky sci-fi comic series that offers as much content and dynamic action as FC…and it’s still going! Gorgeous, colorful renders, a new setting with almost every entry, and, oh yeah, girls with astronomically thick dongers! Speaking of which…

An eggcellent Addition

“First Contact 13: Trial of the Chosen” is every bit as ‘cocky’ as its predecessors, and I don’t mean that in the ego way. You don’t need much background to enjoy it on its own, but a little context might help.

While running from her recent capture, the stacked earthling redhead, Katy, stumbled upon a cute new friend. After saving said friend and taking shelter in a cave, the two discover a mysterious golden idol that’s unmistakably phallic in shape. Little do they know that it will give Katy’s friend a generous asset, but after the two are finished appraising it, they get sucked into a portal!

Goldenmaster does some incredible stuff in this entry, including…wait for it…double dickgirl on futanari fucking! That’s right: two girls with dongs vs one hot alien chick who’s the perfect example of the ‘best of both worlds’. After the two dismayed travelers are welcomed and given some oral refreshments that taste suspiciously salty, they realize that their purpose there is far greater than just a quick fuck.

This set is absolutely massive, nearly 200 pages long, and features some of the most double penetration I’ve ever seen in a 3D set! Double pussy, double anal, and three girls with cocks riding a pleasure train to hole filling creampies! It’s an adventure with a unique story direction that’ll keep these girls hard and, let’s just say…pregnant with curiosity and arousal…