Is 3 a crowd?

It’s still debatable whether “3 is company” or not, but there are certain instances where three people is better than two. It’s the minimum number for a lot of board games, getting a booth at a restaurant, or DPing a cock hungry model.

The latter, of course, is why we’re here, though this time, the 3-some is a part 4!  

Power bottoms topped off

“Adicktion Therapy: Un-expected Intern-ruptions” is a finale wrapped in an explosive character introduction dipped in a tease at a second series entry! Amelie Rochester thought her dreams of finding a big cock futanari mistress were coming true, but when she learns that her therapist isn’t the only deviant dickgirl on the block, her seemingly satiated libido ramps up along with a mischievous streak!

Afterall, Jazmine, the bratty intern, has the audacity to try and blackmail her boss, but Jocelyn proves that even a hesitant, introverted dom can only be pushed so far before she pushes back…hard!

The duo turns into a threesome in this final entry of the therapy series, and lemme just say, it’s one hell of a ride. With plenty of that signature ahegao and mind bending futa physics, Nonsane goes a step further and adds even more kinks to the mix! I wasn’t even sure that was possible, but after seeing the switchy intern getting power bottomed and Amelie putting her feet to “disciplinary use”, I realized that Nonsane was just getting started!

Along with the big-breasted action, all the awesome comic style text is there, and the narrative continues its comical yet outrageously sexy discourse, tossing in an unexpected twist at the end! For how bratty Jazmine might seem at first, she’s pretty loyal to her girlfriend…except, of course, when she’s not engaging in an impromptu threesome with her glasses wearing boss and a famous, anal obsessed model!