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What Happens in Vegas, by Taziota

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Full Body Workout – Endurance Training, by Redrobot3D

Mary Celeste Bonavenue, former erotic model, hasn’t aged a day and her body is just as trained and hungry as ever. But now she’s made a change of career, and is working as a physical trainer with a, let’s say, less than conventional approach to body endurance. When an unsuspected young lad who needs help with this sports abilities asks her for help, she makes the decision to show him the ropes (meaning, the tits) and put him through an extensive session of sexual training to get him ready for the big game. Not that he complains, really. You’re invited to check out the details in Redrobot3D’s 51-page digital comic!

Extracurricular Exhibitionist, by Redrobot3D

When she’s not riding young sportsman’s cock, Mary Celeste Bonavenue likes to please herself with a huge dildo after hours in the classroom. She goes crazy about it: her old instincts kick in as soon as she starts rubbing her tits and pussy, and before you know it, she’s riding that massive thing and proving how deep every hole of her goes. Too bad for her, a student she caught doing the exact same thing in the college’s bathroom, now has spotted her lewd activities and is recording everything! What face will Mary Celeste make when she sees the video online after all her students have fapped to it to their content? Find out in Redrobot3D’s 44-page erotic comic!