Make time for the things you rub!

Time: who’s got it, these days, right? Between work, responsibilities and just staying alive, it seems like fewer and fewer people can fit, er, let’s call it, ‘personal leisure activities’ into their schedules. Lucky for us, The Lost Boyz has just released some very efficiently short ‘shortz’, that fit a lot of oomf into two small packages!

Shortz Collection Vol. 4

Perfectly bite sized, but still plenty ‘filling’ this new set features 3 individual stories, making for a package that’s a great value! Speaking of packages…

Pop Art

Being an internationally famous pop star isn’t all limos and champagne: sometimes Dory just wants to spend time with her boytoy! After a photoshoot, she and her boyfriend stay late in the studio, where she can be her saucy self! Outside of the prying eyes of her fans, she lets loose and gives her boyfriend a private session, one that ends in a sweet, messy POP!

April Showers

Miriam and June stay back after volleyball practice to hit the showers, but uh oh: they get accidentally locked in by the janitor! June is convinced that Miriam is a good church girl, but after a bit of heckling, June proves (mostly with her tongue) that she’s very good at being bad!

Cougar Come Home

Claudia’s back home in Miami (After the events of Cougar next door), trying to relax, but having little success, since she’s thinking about her ex. As fate would have it, she’s approached by a handsome, young military man, who she brings back to her room to thank for his ‘service’! In the end, she might get a little surprise of her own: it seems her ex isn’t so far away after all!

Trans Shortz Collection Vol. 1

The Lost Boyz is one of the few 3DX creators putting out high quality, honest to goodness, ridiculously spicy, trans girl content! This 3 story collection is a perfect way to whet your appetite for 3D trans awesomeness, all while still being quite manageable in size. 

Naked Truth

Bella invites her trans friend, Allie, onto one of her saucy cam shows! Allie is thinking about starting her own stream, but wants to try it out first and see how she is in front of the camera. Turns out, how ‘she is’ is very HARD, and she can Bella have an extra energetic fuck session that leaves both of them totally satisfied!

Pushing Daisy

Daisy is in the market for a bit of private physical therapy, but Kami has something else in mind when it comes to ‘privates’! A rousing stretch session lead to some deep anal exercises, and Daisy finishes with a doggy doozy! Now THAT’S how a private home workout is done!  

Wrong Number

Jesse Lin is chilling one night when she gets a wrong number text. That wouldn’t be so strange in and of itself, if it didn’t just so happen to be an impressively sized dick pic! Too curious to say no to herself, Jesse plays along just to see who the mystery man is, and is very pleasantly surprised to ‘eat’ his acquaintance!Jesse Lin (Star of Jesse Linn is Losing it) might be a bit reserved, but let it never be said that she isn’t an opportunist!