Cinematic style close-ups

How do you make a great erotic close? Between films, 2D and 3D-the answer is usually simple: “The Money Shot”. The lewdest facial expression, the shot with the most cum or the sexist body part. However, 3D erotica artist Jester has found something new: tell as much in a single frame as possible.

When I say tell as opposed to show, I mean Jester is telling us the erotic story in as much detail perfectly centered into a single close up. Most erotica in telling stories are done in wide or medium shots to tell us who is doing what. The close ups are thus used to punctuate as the exclamation points.

Jester meanwhile; gives us both characters, their expressions, futa cock and a nice sticky cumshot facial. There’s even room for details like tattoos, the backgrounds, breasts and all of it crafted beautifully. The detail in Lana and Ateal’s bodies is stunning, with Lana’s skin and expressions priceless. The quality of the cumshot itself is perfectly lewd and dirty. You can almost feel it thanks to the detail, plus the adorable reaction by Lana selling it further.

Jester’s work is a testament to close ups being enough of a full frame in how one can tell an entire erotic scenario, so please take a look at their lovely art and lovelier ladies.


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