Lana is truly a go-getter. Everyone at the company knows this. -Mostly because probably everyone has fucked her more than once at this point. –  But what can she do? Day after day at work she’s surrounded by well-hung coworkers and bosses,is she going to miss the opportunity to give everyone and herself a good time? Of course not! Sneaky Bastard returns with a new image set, providing more of his trademark 3DX goodness in this new 44-panel, 4k story, Sauna Heat!

Cum Your Work Stress Away

We have to give it to the woman: she’s a caring, considerate, attentive member of her work team. How many employees are so lucky to have a stunning blonde with big ass and big breasts, eager to give them deep blowjobs and ride their dicks after a long day at work? 

This time, Lana has chosen the sauna as her new fun den. Two male coworkers are there with her, and she gets straight to the action! The “after office group activities” include some advanced team building techniques such as double blowjobs, spit roast and the good ol’ double penetration. See Lana get a pussy and anal creampie, then give her coworker’s leaking cum the attention it deserves.

Oh Sneaky Bastard, You Did It Again!

The Sneaky Bastard has become a staple of NGP, with now six, steamy erotic products and many more to come. (Pun absolutely intended.) His image sets and comics depicting women who know exactly what they want, and all the men they can handle, are a delight for straight porn enthusiasts. If you already know his work, you’ll see this product’s guaranteed to deliver quality, and if you don’t, then what are you doing? This is your perfect opportunity to see for yourself the scintillating worlds and characters he has created for the delight of us all. Give it a try today!