A proper collection full of selection

Good things come in dozens right? Donuts. Roses. Sci-fi transformation themed alien fucking stories.

Ah, of course, we’re talking about GoldenMaster, who else?! When this genre mixing, 3DX cocktail shaker isn’t rendering dick chicks tearing through time and space, they’re…well, rendering dick chicks tearing through space and pussy!

A wild ride

Believe it or not, ‘The Mysterious Artifact’ marks the magic dozenth for the First Contact series, and what a ride it’s been. Katy has gone through so much that she’s not even remotely the same woman she was before (literally), and now she’s gunning to make her escape from an uncontrollable spiral of being passed around like a hot cosmic commodity.  

Firsts for everything

Zipping through the desert on her sci-fi speeder, her cock boldly throbbing in the hot wind, Katy comes across an alien damsel in distress. She can’t very well let such a cutie be eaten by such a gross monster, so she dives in to save the day! Having nowhere else to go, the pair decides to take shelter in a nearby cave, but what they find there, like everything else the big titted redhead has encountered on her journey, is unbelievably out of this world!

Golden Master keeps piling it on hot and thick with every entry, focusing this tantalizing twelfth (A gargantuan 177 images!) on even more body modification. By now, Katy is quite accustomed to sex with strangers, oral or otherwise, but after an encounter with the cave’s suspiciously golden, idol-like secret, her desire to fuck goes into overdrive. Her new alien pal is more than happy to oblige, excited to show her gratitude, but things become rather…shocking.

What’s not to love about cunninglingus (for you fancy people out there) and  a blowjob with an exotic paizuri performer? Of course, Golden Master is never content with the ‘standard’ anal and cumshot routine, and if Katy isn’t careful, she just might find herself sucked up into a whole new futanari mishap with her new friend… 



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