In an era when we are becoming more aware of the importance of both diversity and heart in our adult entertainment, artists like Ashley Sugar are a breeze of fresh air. She brings us stories and characters that pop out of the screen, or rather, suck us in into their fleshed-out worlds and stories.

Let’s take a closer look at the work of this great female artist from Sweden, who brings both sensuality and enticing narratives in equal parts!

A sugary twist 

It’s a common practice in 3DX to take beloved characters from video games and other properties, and portray them getting sexy with one another. After all, they have earned the love and warmed up the pants of many people, haven’t they?

But what’s great about Ashley Sugar is how she can take established characters and give them her own spin. There is no better example of this than her portrayal of Triss and Ciri, from The Witcher. In her Christmas story, “Your Jingle Bells are driving me crazy!”, and her upcoming project “Arena”, they are reimagined as a complimentary couple full of chemistry and personality. Triss is now a powerful futa, a dominant and fit redhead who will take under her wing the pure, delicate Ciri, adorned with lace and ethereal silk outfits. These two polar opposites play off each other perfectly, creating an overflow of sexual energy that will leave the reader in need for a nap.

Love in all colours and shapes

On top of these fascinating retellings of well-established characters, Ashley Sugar has created a slew of OCs and original stories that would capture you from the first time you lay your eyes on her renders. She has it all: image sets, comics, illustrated stories and even an interactive game in development, with branching narratives and the exploration of taboo sexual themes from a refreshing and liberating perspective. She loves to portray many sorts of women, expressing and exploring their own desires and their depravity, while the reader is an honour guest, invited to follow their paths into pleasure very, very closely.

She portrays all kinds of women, from cis to trans to futa, and all shades of colour from white to dark. Her characters have curvy bodies, delicate facial features and an enticing aura that draws you in immediately. Her renders are masterfully textured and lit, her framing is intimate and sensual, and her atmosphere will take you away to a place of wonder.

Where to find more

If you love a healthy dose of story and character in your porn, spanning across all sorts of female characters, and would like to see a seducing twist on the futa genre, then you can’t miss Ashley Sugar’s work!

She has already released several stories, including the aforementioned Triss x Ciri image set, as well as other lettered comics in both contemporary and fantastic settings. You can find her products on our store, all under her name. Also, if you want to see her complete image packages, including exclusive renders, and be the first to see her latest work, make sure to head out to her Pateon! Not only you can pledge a monthly amount to be in the front row for her work, but also, she offers special one-time pledges where you can access the entire backlog catalogue of unreleased material for a ridiculously low price!

Make sure to keep an eye on Ashley Sugar’s latest pieces of work, and definitely give her current releases a try!


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