The Dread Pirate Queen Jessenia takes many forms. Stunning succubus, blonde gyaru, black leather stripper, sexy witch… the list goes on. What remains is her burning demonic eyes, her blinding body and her explosive tits that none of her tight outfits has any hope to contain.

She likes to entertain, bless and satisfy men from all kinds and ages, taking on different personas and living a life of debauchery. If you come across the Dread Pirate Queen, you are guaranteed to slip away in a chaos of sensual debauchery. And now, for an insanely accessible price, you can get the entire saga of Visions of Dead Tide, the anthology featuring the Dread Pirate Queen’s mischiefs! 5 image sets that bring you 500+ HD renders of Her Naughty Majesty dragging men and women to the delights of sin. 

NGP welcomes 3DX artist Gazukull with their debut product on our site, and invites you all to take a look at this scintillating collection of erotic vignettes featuring the otherworldly seduction of the Dread Pirate Queen!