What would we do without the finer things in life? It’s always good to keep things simple, but sometimes it’s important to treat ourselves with something delectable: an unnecessary yet enriching treat that recharges us and reminds us why we love being alive. A fancy meal, a fine cigar, a well aged liquor, or perhaps…a smokey, sultry 3DX experience.

If 3DX was a high class bar, X3rr4 would be sitting on the top shelf! With her deep, tremulous colors, sexy backgrounds and situations, and her distinct, naturally noir-esque style, she continues to deliver black label content that you’ll want to sip and swish.

On the subject of bars and noir, The brand new, “After rain with Kate” is the perfect evening fix for winding down and slipping into something more comfortable. 

The lovely Kate is headed home from her shift at the bar, when she stops at a red light and meets a fellow biker who gives her a knowing smile. Feeling playful, Kate shows off a bit and challenges him to a race, but her win, (which may have been given to her by her excited opponent) is a bit dampered by a sudden rainstorm.

She might be soaked, but Kate is wet for a very different reason. Not wanting to catch a cold, adrenaline already pumping through her veins, Kate decides to give her new friend a ride after she undresses…and not on her motorcycle.

X3rr4 once again proves that 3DX lends itself extremely well to dark, gorgeous, lust fueled scenes. This wonderful 34 page set plays out like an expertly mixed cocktail as Kate’s friend can’t wait to bury his tongue in her sweet pussy. The public sex is scandalous enough, but Kate likes giving oral as much as she likes receiving it. Neither one seems to mind the rain as Kate gets her blowjob fix, and after some rousing fucking, Kate goes to her knees for a well earned drink…a hot cumshot straight into her mouth that’s so strong she ends up getting a facial, too!

Incidentally, this bite sized set is priced to match: it’s much cheaper than the average libation and you’re bound to get twice as much enjoyment from it! Check it out on the NGP store, and stay thirsty my classy friends!